From the Great Canadian Outdoor Living Company the largest selection of Firetables in Canada, most in Stock.

Casting and Design Studio

The Fire Bowl or Fire Table for your Outdoor Living Area

Propane or Natural Gas Options


We use this company on all our high end landscaping jobs to include fountains, pots, statues and pavers and have for years.

David Eakins Bedgeco Group of Companies Peachland

We have had Pharaohs Estate provide all the exterior cast trims on two projects in Richmond and will use them for our upcoming two projects. Fantastic products and knowledge.

Norman Lee, Nardci Construction, Vancouver

I have had Pharaohs Estate supply me with products for my customers over the years and the effect that using polyurethane accents in various rooms is stunning.

Murray Burgess, Essentials in Mouldings

Excellent product, great service and will use in the future on my Vancouver Home projects

Raymond Fung, Builder

The best moulds I have ever bought and I buy alot of moulds.

Brent Gray, Lethbridge, Alberta

I bought pots and some statues this year, the quality was excellent, the price more then fair and the service (Helen) was excellent.


Stone Fireplaces and Hearths

limestone or natural rock look

Fireplace Testimonials

Happy Homeowner

We enjoy this fireplace every day and have had many neighbors comment on its beauty

Fireplaces and Hearths

Same Day

Our fireplace was rushed and they delivered it, rushed and all and were in and out in 4 hours, fully installed.

Fireplaces and Hearths

Our own Design

We designed our own fireplace and Pharaohs made it and delivered it just as we dreamed.

Fireplaces and Hearths

Limestone and Paint Grade Trims for The House

Entrance for House Trims


Our firebowl is 4 years old no cracks, now wear or tear. Same quality today as when it came, perfect.

No name

We put two firebowls in our yard and wish we had done more, we could not be happier

The Chan's Vancouver BC

Very high quality

Stuart in Calgary


We have recommended these guys for years and will continue to do so, they have done several magnificent houses in Seattle for us.

Tom Bettie

The selection or trims, the knoweldge and the quality is second to none


This added significant value to our house and we only wish we could afford more

Homeowners in Kelowna
Bowl and planter

Outdoor Living Statuary

Statuary Entrance


The Statuary, the selection the displays. You really need to see it for yourself


Just amazing selection make sure to get the catalogue, they do not give them away easily


We buy a statue every year it seems then add more to the order bird baths, fountains.

Drew in Lake Country

Cast Limestone Range Hoods

Range Hood Entrance


Our range hood is the talk of every party we have

Kettle Valley Kelowna

We love our range hood, we designed, and it is exactly like a classic Italian Oven

Cheryl and Jack Naramata

Incredible creativity and artistry, we wish we had 2 of them


Polyurethane Mouldings

Polyurethane Mouldings Entrance

Rubber Molds, Fiberglass Molds, Silicone Molds Made and Designed

Mould Making Entry


An incredible knowledge of building moulds. They have built moulds for my projects for years.

Jerry Tietz

To see all the moulds in the shop is surreal for me.

Nancy, Landscaper

We have used these guys for years top quality, great selection

Angelos Supplies