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If you like something with a pattern on it, then you're in the right place. To get the same effect in wood you need to get something carved (or pressed), or perhaps hire someone to apply plaster mouldings.

Do it yourself, instead, or take advantage of "the look of plaster-- without the weight" and specify our polyurethane mouldings. They come with a (white) prime coat already on them, they don't have joints between design elements, and they don't cost as much as carved wood does.

Be aware that patterns can be difficultto match, depending on the layout of your room and the distance between the various elements (the "pattern repeat"). You'll need to allow for a bit of wasteage on corners, especially "outside" mitered corners. Very often, if the moulding meets back on itself after going around a room, the final corner is placed near the door or entrance where it isn't as noticeable if the patterns don't quite line up.

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