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Collection: Expanded PVC Box Columns

Made to Order: Allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Columns made from 1/2" thick EPVC Board have a shiny white finish, that will yellow (over a long period of time, especially outdoors) due to UV ray degradation unless they are first primed with a "Quick-dry Plastic Primer" and finished with a latex top coat.

Oil-based paints and stains will not penetrate, and will take forever (if ever) to dry. The prime coat is necessary to prevent the top coat from flaking off over time, due to the shiny and slippery surface.

It is highly recommended that you avoid very dark colors as a top coat/ finish coat on exterior applications, as they tend to absorb more heat and could warp the materials in extreme cases.

There are two types of EPVC column styles: Smooth and Panelled. There are also two shapes: Straight and Tapered.

Panelled columns will weigh more than the Smooth ones, as they have an extra 1/2" thick hollow "Frame" added to each of the four sides.

NOTE: You must be very careful when ordering a Tapered column, since they cannot be trimmed down from the top or the bottom and still have the base and capital fit on them (without further modification on-site). For this reason, custom lengths are available; please email us with your project requirements/ dimensions.

Straight columns have no issues with trimming down the height on-site, especially the Smooth style, although you are restricted somewhat by the height of the plinth if you choose the Panelled style.

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