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Collection: Polyurethane Mouldings

Endless Choices 

There are over 6,000 different shapes and profiles: If you do not see what you want here, please call us for a complete catalogue.  You can even join two or three mouldings together on-site to make one larger moulding.


Lightweight and Easy to Install

All these products are light, durable, and easy to install using the recommended adhesive.  Treat it like wood: Cut with a saw and use nails, brads, or screws which can then be countersunk (or removed) and filled/ sanded down.  


For Exterior and Interior Use

These mouldings all have a primer coat of paint (white), can be used both interior and exterior, without any issues, and only require a finish paint coat and touch-up after they are installed.


Maintenance Free

As long as they are glued and secured in place properly, and finished with a quality paint, you can expect the products to last for decades; even outdoors.  

The Look of Plaster

Without the weight, supporting structure, or the drying time of plaster.


Crisp Lines and Details

Compared to other choices, like carved wood, stone, or cast stone, these pieces can include intricate patterns made in a single piece that is less expensive to install.  


Delivery can be Direct to Site

Typically 18 to 24 days from order to site.  And please use our direct shipping method which means we will ship directly to your home or jobsite.  


Manufactured in Canada

All products are made in Canada and adhere to the strictest quality standards.  


Order online or, if you wish to contact a specialist about Custom designs or to answer other inquiries, send an email request to:

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