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for that unforgettable ceiling effect

Endless Choices 

Over 6,000 different shapes and mouldings if you do not see what you want here please call us for a complete catalogue.  You can even put two or three mouldings together to make one larger moulding.  Whether it be a ceiling medallion, a moulding, a baroque column cap and base, or a corbel, dentil or crown moulding you will find it all here.  And more.  

    Lightweight and Easy to Install

    Very light, durable and easy to install using polyurethane adhesive.  
    Treat it in the same way as wood-- saw, countersink, sand, fill.

      For Exterior and Interior Use

      These mouldings can be used interior and exterior, and only require painting and touch-up after they are installed.

        Maintenance Free

        They are without maintenance issues like other parts- rot & split resistant, insect-proof, and will stand up in weather for decades; unlike wood.  

          Look of Venetian Plaster

          Without the weight or breakage of plaster.


            Compared to other alternative, plaster, stone, cast, these are inexpensive to purchase, and less expensive to install.  

               Fast Delivery and Direct to Site

              Typically 20 to 28 days from order to site- please check with your dealer. 
              And please use our direct shipping method which means we will ship directly to your home or site.  

                 Manufactured in Canada

                All products are made in Canada and adhere to the strictest quality standards.  


                  25 Years of Industry Experience

                  over 25 years of product knowledge and training 

                    Largest Selection of Polyurethane Mouldings in Western Canada

                    See Dealers for full catalogue and samples.   



                    What is Polyurethane

                    Polyurethanes are one of the most versatile plastic materials. The nature of the chemistry allows polyurethanes to be adapted to solve challenging problems, to be molded into unusual shapes and to enhance industrial and consumer products by adding comfort, warmth and convenience to our lives.
                    Polyurethanes are formed by reacting a polyol (an alcohol with more than two reactive hydroxyl groups per molecule) with a diisocyanate or a polymeric isocyanate in the presence of suitable catalysts and additives. Because a variety of diisocyanates and a wide range of polyols can be used to produce polyurethane, a broad spectrum of materials can be produced to meet the needs of specific applications.
                    It does not matter where you look, you are likely to find polyurethanes.
                    Polyurethanes can be a found in mattresses, couches, insulation, liquid coatings and paints, tough elastomers such as roller blade wheels, soft flexible foam toys, some elastic fibers, and many other places and applications.



                    Colors and Texture

                    Our polyurethane products need to be painted with any paint meaning any color is achievable.  Whether it is white, grey or gold leaf inlays, you can achieve it using this as a base, and our proprietory polyurethane products.  

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