From the Great Canadian Outdoor Living Company the largest selection of Firetables in Canada, most in Stock.


Shipping charges are normally based upon weight, however with our products-- either being very heavy (cast stone/ statuary) or very light (polyurethane products), shipping companies will charge based on the volume of the packaging (H x W x L) rather than the weight.

A ceiling medallion that is six feet long and four feet wide is not going to come to your mailbox and, despite weighing only 25 pounds, it is going to take up more room on a truck than a microwave oven so it will be priced higher by them.

Likewise, you won't receive a two-tier water fountain weighing 1,000 pounds at your door without needing a forklift to offload it.

We are working diligently to find affordable shipping solutions but, for now, it is best if you contact us directly about any products that you find to be interesting here.